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You're a long way from the gym, but you'd still like to work out from home. Now you can! 


The Abdominal Wheel works multiple body parts such as shoulders, chest, back, hips and legs with a single machine.                                      


Unlike heavy, cumbersome fitness equipment with a single function,



The abdominal wheel™ is :

  • Small and easy to carry: The handle is removable, making it easy to store and transport.


    • Compact and lightweight: make it an ideal training companion, whether at home or on the move.
    • Core stability: By using the Abdominal Wheel, you can improve your core stability, which is essential for good posture and injury prevention.


      • Capable of holding a cell phone: Stay connected and entertained while you work out with the automatic rebound abdominal wheel. Fitness meets fun, keep your phone in sight


      • Versatility: This equipment can be used by fitness beginners and experts alike, offering a wide range of exercises to work on:

                                  - Abdominals

                                  - Chest muscles

                                  - Back muscles

                                  - Leg muscles




      Material : The Abdominal Wheel™ support is made from a sturdy steel core, offering exceptional durability.
      Wheel : The Abdominal Wheel™ is made from non-slip rubber for optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.
      Stand: The stand features a high-density foam handle for comfort and a secure grip.
      Weight capacity: the Abdominal Wheel™ support can hold up to 150 kg, making it suitable for most users.

       PACKAGE :

      1 * Abdominal wheel
      1 * Kneeling mat
      1 * Counter