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The Car Power Inverter is a device that allows you to convert the electrical voltage of your car (12V or 24V) into a 220V electrical voltage, so that you can use domestic electronic devices such as laptops, televisions, mobile phone chargers, etc. in your car.

It is equipped with an LED screen that displays the input and output voltage in real time, as well as the output power. It also has three USB ports for charging electronic devices that use a 5V input, and a cigarette lighter port for charging devices that require a 12V input.

In addition, this car inverter has a QC3.0 function that allows for fast charging for compatible devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The output power of the device is 120W, which means it can power low-power electronic devices.

It is very useful for long car journeys, camping trips, and business trips. It is also convenient for people who need to work on their laptop during car journeys, or who need to charge their electronic devices while on the go.