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Everyone likes to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of their wine BUT, traditional decanting can take HOURS - why wait?

The solution? Instant aeration with our electric wine aerator.

This wine dispenser allows for easy wine flow, just push the button and release. It features an automatic electric pump operation.


Minimalistic Design: Press one simple button to oxidize and aerate the wine, and built-in aerator is able to reduce the bitterness of the wine in seconds!

Impress your guests and bring out the best in your wine by enhancing the purity and aroma of your favorite wine when it’s poured into your glass, instead of wasting time waiting for it mature the traditional way.

Preserve Wine Longer: The wine aerator and decanter, features an airtight rubber seal, and it acts as a decanter when the wine is not in use. So, your wine remains fresh every time you drink. A great gift choice for anyone looking to throw a party!


Luxurious and unique design: Our luxurious design matches any wine bottle! No more decanters, spilled wine, or tedious cleanup! Simply place the aerator tube in the bottle, the glass under the dispenser spout and press the button!

Universal Fit: Its universal fit means it can easily attach or detach from any wine bottle. It is also very portable and can be taken anywhere you drink wine!

USB Recharge: A USB cable is included to recharge the battery and allow you to use it continuously!

Easy maintenance and cleaning: The device is very easy to use and clean. Once the wine is empty, detach it from the bottle and insert the aerator tube into clean water, then press the white button. Once the water coming out of the spout is clear, you're done!




1 x Electric Wine Aerator
1 x Aerator Tube(food grade)
1 x USB charge cable
1 x User Manual



Product features: pouring wine, degreasing, wine storage
Color: black
Power: built-in lithium battery
Material: ABS, 304 stainless steel, acrylic
Net weight of the product: 184 sol 5g
Product size is approximately 110 * 49 * 106 mm
Box size: approximately 148 * 58 * 164 mm
Working noise: <75dB



Our drink dispenser CAN BE USED FOR ANY DRINK, whether it's water , cocktail or wine, and is perfect for parties with friends or evenings spent watching your favorite TV shows.
An ideal gift for your drinking friends!