Professional Nail Drill

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Don't bother using the antique nail file which requires more effort and takes more time without guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency. It's a thing of the past!

Don't settle for less. Go for a superior solution that delivers effortless power and precision. Discover our rechargeable electric nail sander, designed to give you absolute control and flawless results. Put an end to the fatigue and guesswork and opt for unparalleled performance.

The ultimate solution for salon quality nails in the comfort of your own home. This PROFESSIONAL NAIL DRILL is designed to meet the needs of professional nail technicians and nail enthusiasts. The 35,000 RPM speed allows the nail sander to trim, shape and polish your nails faster and more efficiently than a nail sander with a lower speed.

  Why the professional nail drill ?

  •  Offers more power and control
  •  Gives precise and consistent results
  •  Adjustable speed and speed settings
  •  Versatile: polishing, filing, shaping
  •  Low noise and vibration, quieter experience
  •  Protective heat dissipation for greater efficiency and safety
  •  Lightweight, easy and mobile  anywhere
  •  Can charge your cell phone


Professional Nail Drill  has multiple functions : 

- prepares natural nails
- pushes back the cuticles,
- polishes and shortens the nails
- gives them the desired shape.

It allows to remove the false nails by removing the gel, the resin and the residues of adhesive.

It allows to remove easily
- calluses,
- horns and dead skin

Professional Nail Drill is a must for 
- perfect your manicures and pedicures 
- save precious time when preparing your nails, before applying nail polish or gel,    but also when applying your manicure.

The ergonomic design of our nail sander provides a comfortable grip and exceptional ease of use. Its ergonomic design allows for optimal handling, ensuring precise control when shaping nails. You will be able to have perfectly shaped, smoothed and polished nails.

The professional nail drill set comes with a selection of interchangeable tips to meet your every need. Whether you're filing, buffing, shaping or removing gel, you'll find the perfect tip for every step of your manicure. With our nail sander, you'll be able to accomplish any task with exceptional precision.

We made sure to build a quiet motor into our sander, reducing noise and vibration considerably. You will be able to work comfortably and get a pleasant user experience. In addition, our sander is equipped with an adjustable speed control, allowing you to easily adjust the speed according to your specific needs and preferences.


Function: manicure drill, portable power bank, multifunctional rechargeable and accessories
High definition LCD display
Anti-scratch UV treatment respectful of the skin
Low noise and vibration, quieter experience
Protective heat dissipation for efficiency and safety
Output: 21V
Machine material: plastic
Handpiece material: aluminum alloy
No-load speed: 35,000 rpm
Power: 35W
Voltage: 100V-120V, 60Hz; 220V-240V, 50HZ

1 Nail Master rechargeable nail drill
1 charging adapter
1 set of burs for different types of polishing