Universal roller blinds

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A suction cup blackout curtain, also known as a universal blind, is a type of curtain designed to completely block out light and provide complete privacy in a room.

These curtains are often used:
- in bedrooms,
- nurseries,
- home theaters
- or any other room where it is important to maintain darkness.


The curtain is equipped with a series of suction cups, which means it can be easily attached to a window without the use of brackets or rods. This method of attachment is ideal for tenants who do not wish to install permanent fixtures on walls or window frames.


The suction cup blackout curtain is also easy to install and remove, which is convenient for people who want to change their décor or take the curtain with them when they move. It is also easy to clean, as it can be easily removed from the window for washing.


Suction cup blackout curtains are ideal for:
- people who need darkness to sleep
- or for people who work at night and need to sleep during the day.
- keeping the heat in the room in winter
- block sunlight in the summer, thus helping to reduce energy consumption.
- Provide some sound insulation, which can be beneficial for people living near noisy areas, such as a busy street.