Windproof butane gas lighters for men, unusual turbo lighters, metal watch gadgets,

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Composed of a metal tumbler watch, an unusual gas lighter, a torch, a butane jet, a windbreaker gadget, laguna ette cigar lighter, this multi-functional gadget is for lovers of stylish and practical accessories.


Metal Tumbler Watch: This watch is made of high quality metal, which makes it strong and durable. It is designed to be worn by men and has a stylish and masculine design. It has a rocker mechanism that makes it easy to wind.

Unusual Gas Lighters: The gas lighters included in this set have a unique and original design that sets them apart from traditional lighters. They are fueled by butane gas and feature a spark ignition system. They are ideal for lighting candles, fireworks, cigarettes and more.

Jet Butane Torch: The Jet Butane Torch is a handy gadget for lighting candles, campfires and other items that require a strong, steady flame. It is powered by butane gas and has an easy to use ignition mechanism.

Windproof gadgets: The windproof gadgets included in this set are perfect for outdoor activities where it may be windy. They are designed to prevent the flame of the lighters and torch from going out and to ensure even burning.

Laguna ette cigarette lighter: The cigarette lighter included in this set is designed for use in cars. It has a compact and stylish design that fits easily into car cup holders. It is powered by the car's cigarette lighter and is ideal for lighting cigarettes on the go.


  • Convenient and multifunctional
  • Durable and solid.
  • Elegant and modern